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Notes from mc2 - intro

In May 2003 I set up a Family Connections site on My Connected Community (mc2). As mc2 is due to close at the end of June some of the information will be transferred into this blog.

Between 1788 and 1808 William Roberts, George Guest, Kezia Brown, Mary Bateman, Simeon Lord, Charles Daley, Mary Hyde, Uriah Moses, John Pendergast, Jane Williams, Richard Holland and Suzannah Alderson arrived in Sydney aboard convict ships. Two of the convicts arrived on the First Fleet followed by two more on the Second Fleet with another on the Third Fleet. This website will contain information about these convicts and their descendants.

Not all family members were convicts of course and from 1808 to the 1880s free settlers of the family including Thomas Birch, George McKillop, William Forbes Hutton and family, William Weston, Jane Cox, Agnes Thom and family, and John and Catherine Hillcoat arrived from England or Scotland, sometimes via India.

The Court family arrived in Australia from England via New Zealand in 1969.

The first members of the family in Australia were convicts:

William Roberts (1788 Scarborough)
George Guest (1788 Alexander)
Kezia Brown (1790 Neptune)
Mary Bateman (1790 Lady Juliana)
Simeon Lord (1791 Atlantic)
Charles Daley (1793 Boddingtons)
Mary Hyde (1798 Britannia)
Uriah Moses (1799 Royal Admiral)
John Pendergast (1800 Minerva)
Jane Williams (1801 Nile)
Richard Holland (1807 Duke of Portland)
Susannah Alderson (1808 Speke)

Members of the family who came to Australia as free settlers include:

Thomas Birch arrived in Australia in 1808
George McKillop arrived in Australia in 1834
William Weston
Jane Cox arrived in Australia in 1842
Charles Septimus Smith
Sarah Smith
George Hutton arrived in Australia in 1869
William Forbes Hutton arrived in Australia in 1871
Eleanora Hutton arrived in Australia in 1874
James Campbell Thom 

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