Monday, 4 July 2016

Family history sites on Facebook

Examples of Types of Family History related sites on Facebook
There are many ways that Facebook can be useful for Family History research. In the following list are examples of just a few of the Facebook Pages and Groups that may be useful.

The type of pages and groups chosen will depend on the locality and interests that you are researching. For example in this list, many of the Facebook pages and groups are from the Hawkesbury area as members of my family settled there.
The general sites in my list are for organisations primarily in Australia (east coast) and England, Ireland and Scotland. There will be similar pages and groups for other countries and regions.

See previous post on Facebook for additional information.

Libraries and Archives

Historical Societies and Family History Research Groups

 Specific Location Groups

Genealogy Assistance

Single Issue Research Groups

Family Groups


Resources Groups

Useful Websites for Locating Genealogy Related Facebook Pages

Family Search Wiki - Facebook Genealogy
Cyndi's List - Social Networking - Facebook
Katherine Wilson - Genealogy on Facebook list