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Notes from mc2 - Charles Daley & Susannah Alderson

CHARLES DALEY (also spelt Daly, Dayley or Daily) arrived in Sydney on the Boddingtons on the 7th August 1793. Charles was tried in Dublin in December 1791 for stealing saddles and was sentenced to seven years transportation. He was listed as being a landholder.

Charles was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1775 and died in Windsor, New South Wales on 17 May 1831.

In 1796 Charles Dayley married Ann Lockett who died in 1806.

Charles Daley and Susannah Alderson were married on 27 May 1810 at St Matthews Church, Windsor.

SUSANNAH ALDERSON (in some records Hannah) was tried at York (East Riding) on the 7th April 1807 for perjury and received a sentence of seven years transportation. Susannah came to Sydney on the female transport Speke in 1808.

Susannah was born in Yorkshire - her place of origin was recorded as Gilmanby NR during the trial hearing - in 1778 and died in Windsor, New South Wales on 7 October 1854.

The children of Charles Daley and Susannah Alderson:
  • Ann born 1809
  • Mary born 1811
  • Charles born 1813
  • Sarah born 1815
  • John born 1817
  • Susannah born 1819
Susannah also had a son, William, born in England in 1806

ANN DAYLEY married URIAH MOSES in 1830.

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