Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Unlocking family stories - preservation of materials

We spend a great deal of time collecting information and writing our family stories but it is also important to preserve the material and items that we collect. There are a number of websites providing information about the safe storage of material. A small selection of sites are listed below.

The Library of Congress has just produced these guidelines for preserving paper items, including books, photographs and digital files -

Australian War Memorial - Conservation of Documents -

National Archives of Australia has a section - Preserving your records for the future -

National Archives (USA) has a section - How to preserve family papers and documents -

National Library of Australia has a guide - Preserving Australia's documentary heritage

State Library of Victoria has Conservation guides -

Department of Premier and Cabinet - Preserving war heritage and memorabilia -

Undertaking an online search will produce other resources and articles on this topic