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Stanley Moses - 1898 -1902

THE following extracts, referring to the performance of Windsor's celebrated young musician (son of Mr W. Moses) at the Conservatoire Concert in Brussels, are from Continental papers :
" Le Petit," Belge, 16-11-97, says:- "M. Moses has an artistic nature, a pure tone, and a beautiful style of bowing; was heard in a concerto by M. Rasse, a young composer, who conducted the orchestra. This piece bristling with difficulty was not perhaps a very happy choice, but the qualities displayed by the young virtuouso at the beginning and at the end carried its success which was very warmlv received." Same also in the " Journal de Bruxelles,' 16-11-97.
"Le Musical Guide," 21-11-97:-"Amongst the laureates heard at the second audition of the Conservatoire the one who seems to possess special dispositions, an essentially artistic temperament, one of the best endowed, according to all reports, is M. Stanley Moses, of M. Ysaye's class. He is already more than an excellent pupil, he is an artist who comprehends. He interpreted a concerto by Rasse.
"La Reforme," 15-11-97 :-" M. Moses, who interpreted a concerto by Rasse with such virtuosity that he was not only recalled, but resulted in a spontaneous ovation to his professor, the eminent Ysaye."
"L'lndependence," Beige, 16-11-97:-"The concerto for violin by F. Rasse, quite a young man, took
us to another extremity. Some brighter points in it would be welcome, but the composer who conducted proves himself as having a future and an overflow of youth. The execution was by M. Moses, a pupil of M. Ysaye, belonging to the school of bowing and soul, he has more than, promise." Same also in "Le Petit Bien," 15-11-97, Conservatoire Royal d Bruxelles concert.
"La Guide Musical," 12-12-97, Antwerp:-"One has to particularly remark a young violinist, M. Stanley Moses, who was heard in a concert struck by Rasse. This is a well-written work, and of great interest, which was magisterially executed by M. Moses. This excellent artist afterwards executed with much delicacy and a beautiful sonorousness, the Adagio and finale of the Fantaisie Espagnolo by Salo. The applause was numerous, and we hope that M. Moses will not delay in giving us the occasion of showing him again our admiration of his beautiful talent.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 12 February 1898 page 12

Stanley Moses, the nineteen-year-old Aus- tralian violinist who studied under Ysaye at the Belgian Conservatoire, has been appointed to the professional staff of the institution during the absence of Ysaye in America. The youth is a son of Mr. Wm. Moses, of Windsor, N.S.W. The Belgian Press is warm in his praise.
The Brisbane Courier Friday 25 February 1898 page 2

MR. WILLIAM MOSES was favored last week with a visit from Miss Nora McKay, daughter of Mr. Ray McKay, of Maryborough (Queensland), who has taken her departure for Brussels to study the violin. Stanley Moses, who is now Acting Professor (in the absence of his great master Eugene Ysaye) at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, will have the honor of preparing her for entrance to that high institution. He will be pleased to receive the Australian (Queenslander) and will do his best to help her along. She came expressly to play for Miss Josephine Moses and to get her valued opinion, and performed several pieces in a brilliant style, showing that she is brim full ot talent. Miss Moses holds a high opinion of her. A great future is in store for her.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 2 April 1898 page 9

Mr. Stanley Moses of Windsor, New South Wales, is warmly praised by the Brussels press for his playing at a concert given in the Belgian capital by Frau Felix Mottl on Januaryary 29, and he also gave a concert of his own, with Emile Bosquet as pianist, at the Maison d' Art a few days later. The young " laureate" from the Brussels Conservatoire " is described as a worthy pupil of Ysaye, whilst " his tone is good and full, and his style more reposeful than many of tho Belgian school "
Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 23 April 1898 page 4

Mr. Stanley Moses recently played at the Salles Erard, Paris, works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Ysaye, Lalo, etc. The Windsor violinist was assisted by a Brussels pianist.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 18 June 1898 page 3

Town Gossip
Mr William Moses has received a letter from his son, Stanley M. Moses, the Hawkesbury violinist at Brussels, informing him that he had purchased a beautiful Gaudagini (1744) violin. This instrument was the property of his famous master, Ysaye, who fifteen years ago made his debut on it, and starred with it through all the European cities and America. Stanley, as violin professor at the Royal Conservatoire at Brussels, has been very successful with his class; one of his pupils, Miss Lada Werthein obtained first prize with distinction at this year's concours.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 13 August 1898 page 3

We understand that Mr. Stanley Moses, the young Hawkesbury violinist now in Brussels, is shortly to play before the Queen.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 10 September 1898 page 3

Thus Saturday's "Daily Telegraph"
" Mr. Stanley Moses has been highly praised for a recent performance at the Maison d'Art, Brussels, of Beethoven's violin Sonata in E flat."
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 11 February 1899 page 3

MUSICAL.-From Saturday's Telegraph we learn that Mr. Stanley Moses, in conjunction with Philippe Mousset (pianist), recently gave a concert in the Maison d'Art, Brussels, which has been highly commented upon by the critics. The pieces played by the Australian violinist included Saint-Saens' Rondo Capriccioso and Brahms Sonata, op. 100 '
Australian, Windsor, Rchmond and Hawkwsbury Advertiser Friday 17 February 1899 page 2

Recent advices from Brussels show that Mr. Stanley Moses is still climbing the ladder of fame, and it is safe to predict that he will one day rank among the lead ing violinists of the world. Naturally the young professor was delighted to learn of the recent successes of his brother and sisters in the musical world. He has received a letter of congratulation from M. Wieniaski, of Brüssels, for the distinguished manner in which he interpreted the Sonata of Beethoven at the professor's last matinee.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 25 February 1899 page 3

WE have received a copy of a programme issued on the occasion of a concert given in
Brussels recently by Mr. Stanley Moses. Also papers containing report of this great musical event, and from one of which the forthcoming extract is taken;
But let us come to the violinist Mr Stanley Moses. Never (says the critic) have I seen such correctly trained playing as his, and never have I heard execution so faultless, finished and artistic rendering to perfection, and with so much ease many details of extraordinary difficulty. It is astonishing and charming. His bowing shows a perfection that even the great masters have not always attained, and to crown all, uses a wonderful instrument. He has sure originality, a characteristic which pleases and is his own- One admires in him that immovability of the body when stirred himself, his purity in the octaves, the tunefulness of his harmonies, the precision in the high positions, and on the fourth string, and more particularly his valuable talent of giving at once the full meaning of a musical phrase and making the public understand (as not every one can do) the sentiment and character the composer wishes to manifest in his work.
Windsor and Richnond Gazette Saturday 13 May 1899 page 4

Mr. Stanley Moses, son of Mr. W. Moses, who now takes his place among the leading violinists of the world, has been engaged to play as first violinist at the Paris Exhibition.
Hawkesbury Advocate Friday 23 March 1900 page 6

Word has been received by Mr. William Moses that his son, Mr. Stanley Moses, has been engaged as first solo violin for the Colonne orchestra in conjunction with the appearances of that famous Parisian band at the Paris Exhibition. Readers of these columns are familiar with the rapid progress made by the young Australian musician under the great Belgian violinist Ysaye, and of the promising public career he has initiated in Belgium. Mr. Moses further advancement will be watched with much interest, and Windsor should be proud of him.   
Hawkesbury Advocate Friday 1 June 1900 page 6

We have been shown by Mr. Wm Moses, senr., a most interesting collection of posters and pro- grammes in connection with the great Colonne Orchestra at the Paris Exhibition. Throughout, the name of Stanley Moses, who plays ' first violin,' is prominent. The collection of programmes are quaint and simple, having that rare artistic touch which belongs to the French alone. It will be under- stood what an important factor Mr. Stanley Moses is when we find him playing three solos daily, and those to a vast assemblage of the cleverest and wittiest people in Europe, and perhaps to a galaxy of the cleverist and most beautiful women in the world. It is indeed a great distinction, and by reading the programme one realises the extra ordinary success of this one-time Hawkesbury boy. His selection of solos seems particularly good, and  we notice that Gounod s 'Ave Maria ' so beautiful in itself is repeatedly played by Mr. Moses. A special concert is given to the modem French composer, Camille Saint Saens, who is a great friend of Mr. Stanley Moses. We note that all the leading parts in the wotk of the brilliant composer are rendered by the talented young violinist. lt is like a peep at an old and beautiful world to look through these ' petites programmes'. Truly to be among the world's cleverest artists must be an eduction and a joy for ever.. Mr. Stanley Moses is a cultivated French scholar and his father may be justly proud and elated at the cleverness and artistic talent of his son at the Paris Exhibition.
Hawkesbury Advocate Friday 14 September 1900 page 3

A cable has reached Sydney announcing the sudden death at Nice of Mr. Stanley Moses, son of Mr. William Moses, of Windsor, New South Wales, and well known in Australia and in Europe as a brilliant violinist. Mr. Moses was married only a few weeks ago.
Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) Friday 7 March 1902 page 3

Says " Leipsic" in the Sydney " Mail" : " The cabled news of the death of Mr. Stanley Moses at Nice will cause regret to many. The young violinist was but recently married, on last Christmas Eve, to Mdlle. Angelo Moyson, of Brussels. It is about nine years since Mr. Moses left Sydney, as a boy of 11, to study music at the Brussels Conservatorium. For the first few years he had hard luck at the renowned institution. He was attacked with rheumatic fever and pleurisy during his first year; his violin master, M. Ysaye, went off concertising to America in the second yea ; and in the third he suffered from rheumatism. However, in his fourth year he carme to the front, and entered M. Gevaert's Conservatorium orchestra as first violin. Out of seventy can- didates carried off the first prize (violin) of the conservatorium. He then appeared successfully at many concerts in Paris, including the Colonne. Mr. Moses was one ot the ten children-all musical-of Mr. William Moses, of Windsor, and a nephew of Mr. Henry Moses, M.L.C.
The Brisbane Courier Saturday 15 March 1902 page 9

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