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Notes from mc2 - Simeon Lord & Mary Hyde

Simeon Lord was born in Todmorden, Yorkshire on 28 January 1771. His parents were Simeon Lord (1744-1787) and Ann Fielden (1746 - 1786).

On 22 April 1790 he was found guilty of theft of a quantity of cloth and sentenced to seven years transportation to New South Wales where he arrived on 20 August 1791 on board the Atlantic, part of the Third Fleet. Before leaving England he had been taken to Woolwich and from there to Portsmouth before the journey to Australia.

Aboard the Atlantic Simeon Lord was assigned to Captain Thomas Rowley and this arrangement continued once the convict ship arrived in Sydney. He was later assigned to Mrs Bligh, a baker. By 1798 Simeon Lord was a free man and on his way to being a successful businessman and trader.

Mary Hyde (Hide) - also known as Sarah Blunn and Mary Black - was baptised on 19 February 1779 at Halesowen, Worcestershire. Her parents were Edward Hyde and Sarah Blunn.

In November 1795 Mary was accused of stealing items of clothing from Francis Deakin, her employer, including 1 black silk cloak, 1 muslin shawl, 1 cotton gown, 1 dimity petticoat, 2 pair of cotton stockings and 1 pair of scissors. She was tried at the Warickshire Assizes on 21 March 1796 and the 17 year old was sentenced to seven years transportation to New South Wales. She arrived at Port Jackson aboard the Britannia in July 1798.

Mary Hyde and John Black, a naval officer, had two children, John born in 1799 and Mary Ann. In 1802 the ship The Fly was lost at sea with John Black on board.

Mary Hyde later lived with Simeon Lord and after the birth of their fifth child they were married at St Phillip's Church, Sydney on 27 October 1814.

Children of Simeon and Mary:
  • Sarah Ann 1806 - 1889
  • Louisa b1808
  • Simeon 1810 - 1892
  • Francis 1812 - 1897
  • Edward 1814 - 1884
  • Thomas 1816 - 1876
  • George William 1818 - 1880
  • Robert Charles 1820 - 1857
Simeon Lord adopted the two children of Mary and John Black.

Simeon Lord died in Sydney on 29 January 1840.
Mary died at Botany on 1st December 1860.

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