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Thomas Bruce Hutton and Dandenong

Articles from Trove -
The Argus Thursday 13 March 1873 p7
THOMAS BRUCE HUTTON, of the city of Melbourne, Esquire, late Colonel of Her Majesty's 100th Regiment of Foot, has applied to bring the land described at the foot hereof under the above statute ; land the Deputy Commissioner of Titles has directed notice of the application to be advertised In "The Argus" newspaper, and has appointed fourteen days from such advertisement after which time the land will be brought under the operation of the statute, unless a caveat shall be lodged forbidding the same.
Dated the 11th day of March, 1873.
Crown Portions 13 and 15, parish of Dandenong, county of Bourke.
Deputy Registrar of Titles.
Hurry and Briggs, Melbourne and Kyneton, Solicitors for the applicant.

South Bourke and Mornington Journal Wednesday 12 October 1892 p2
Before proceeding with the ordinary business at the Dandenong Council on, Monday, the president, Mr. Jas Greaves, stated that he had a very pleasant duty to perform. It was arranged amongst the councillors after the last meeting of the Council that a presentation of some kind be made to Colonel Hutton, the late president, in recognition of his long and honorable services whilst a member of the Council. Colonel Hutton had been a councillor for 16 years, during 12 of which he had creditably filled the presidential chair. He (the president) did not think that such a record as that could be beaten in any Council in the colony. It showed that both the ratepayers and the Council thought very highly of him; he was also at present (and had been for so many years that the speaker could not remember them) president of the Dandenong Agricultural Society, and, in fact took a leading part in all local affairs. It was with great pleasure that he (the speaker) handed to Colonel Hutton the testimonial of his fellow-councillors high esteem, and he (the speaker) hoped that Colonel Hutton would live long to enjoy the full confidence and respect of all classes of the community. (Applause)
 The presentation took the form of a large and handsomely-framed group of photographs, consisting of the members of the Council and Mr. John Keys, M.L.A., secretary and engineer. In the centre of the group is a beautifully-illuminated address, as follows: -
"To Colonel Thomas Bruce Hutton, J.P.. We, the Councillors and Officers of the Shire of Dandenong, desire to convey to you our high appreciation of the gentle manly conduct, courtesy and ability dis played by you during the past 16 years, as a councillor and president of this important shire. The fact that you have for 12 years consecutively been unanimously elected president of this Shire (the highest municipal honor your fellow councillors could confer upon you), is an evidence of the satisfactory manner in which you have performed the high and important duties of the office. And now that you have, at your own request, retired from the presidency of this Shire, we desire to present you with this address as an evidence of our appreciation of you as a citizen, councillor and J.P., and to express the hope that you will long live to enjoy the confidence of your fellow councillors and ratepayers of this our Shire." (Signed by the whole of the councillors and the secretary)
Colonel Hutton said he had not expected this great kindness, and it took him somewhat unawares. As the president had stated, he (the speaker) had sat at the Council table for 16 years, and he did not think any further proof of the, good feeling of the ratepayers was needed than that. The members of the Council had elected him president year after year for 12 years and that was evidence that he had gained their esteem. He had always tried to act conscientiously and impartially, and he did not think he had a single enemy in the district - at any rate, no man had an enemy in him (the speaker.) (Applause) He had travelled a great. deal, and had served in the Imperial Army; he had also had the honor of being presented to Her Majesty the Queen, but he had never spent such a peaceful and happy time as he had passed since his residence in Dandenong. In conclusion, he tendered his heartfelt thanks to his brother-councillors for their thoughtful and valuable present.

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