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Eleanora Lidderdale married Thomas Hutton of Lamark and was reported to be the first European lady to live in Canton, China. A search in Google for Eleanora Hutton Canton produced a link to the following website - http://www.lidderdale.com/gen081.html - Lidderdale.com with pages of information about Eleanora's family. Sometimes you can be lucky.

David Lidderdale 1675 - 1732 lived at Torrs, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. The website Flimpses of old Kirkudbright provides information about the properties owned by the Lidderdale family as well as information about the family - http://www.old-kirkcudbright.net/landowners/mckerlie.asp

An article in Rootsweb provides information about the Lidderdale and Robertson families - http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/ROBERTSON/1999-02/0919464122

Another site that might be relevant concerning the Robertsons is The Clan Donnachaidh  http://www.donnachaidh.com/PDF/cadetfamilies.pdf about the Cadet families of Struan

The Scottish Nation includes a section on the Robertson clan - http://www.electricscotland.com/history/nation/robertson.htm

In 1950 Robert Halliday Lidderdale wrote An account of the Lowland Scots - Family of Lidderdale which is inline at http://www.lidderdale.com/pdfs/An%20Account%20of%20Lowland%20Scots%20Family%20of%20Lidderdale.pdf

9 November 1701 David Lidderdale was made Freeman and Burgess
http://www.edinburgh.org.uk/hisc/wood.html provides information as to what this means.

1708 David Lidderdale became Provost (chief magistrate) of Kirkcudbright

Lidderdale family tre - http://www.lidderdale.com/trees/tree_lidderdale.pdf

Our line of the Lidderdale family tree can be traced back to the 1500s.
James of Yrsyltoun (c1520 to c1580)
James of Erslingtoun (c1545 - c1621) m. c1570 Katherine Richardson
Thomas Lidderdale (c1570 - c1629)
James Lidderdale (c1590 - 1665)
Robert Lidderdale (c1610 - c1652) m. Margaret Brown
Thomas Lidderdale (c1630 - 1687) m. Mary Gordon
David Lidderdale (1675 - 1732) m. c1708 Eleanora Dunbar (c1680 - 1757)
James Lidderdale  m. c1739 Jean Fullerton (c1712 - 1772)
Eleanora Lidderdale (c1744 - 1816) m. 1771 Thomas Hutton (1744 - 1783)

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