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Charles Hutton (senior) - Notes

Victoria before 1848 -
Charles Hutton, subscribed 5/-/- to the Testomonial to be presented to Captain Lonsdale, raising a total of 325 pounds 17s from 76 men. Source - Port Phillip Herald 31 Jan 1840
Charles Hutton, appointed a Trustee of the Savings Bank of Port Phillip. Source - Port Phillip Herald, 2 Nov 1841
Charles Hutton, Port Phillip Herald 22 Apr 1842 Page 1 advertisement - pleased Queen had a son
Charles Hutton, male wed Margaret Smith 1842 #4609 Church Of England St James, Melbourne
Charles Hutton, dwelling house, Merri Merri Creek The Port Phillip Herald Fri, 26 May 1843 District of Port Phillip Electoral List of 291 names voted in election 20 June 1843, during first hour, 9-10am
Charles Hutton, The Port Phillip Herald Fri 4 Aug 1843 Jury to hear case of murder of aboriginals
Charles Hutton, voted 1-2pm Melbourne to elect two members to sit in Legislative Council. Source - Port Phillip Herald 26 Apr 1844
Charles Hutton, jury for Tue 15 April - Supreme Court - source Port Phillip Herald 17 Apr 1845
Charles Hutton, from PW Welsh and G Coulstock, Archibald McLachlan as Trustee has the Title Deeds for collection. Source - Melbourne Courier 25 July 1845
Charles Hutton, sworn in as a Magistrate for the Teritory. Source - Port Phillip Herald 31 Jul 1845
Charles Hutton, one of 469 voters who qualified by Dwelling house in Merri Merri Creek Electors List District of Bourke. Source - Melbourne Courier 8 Aug 1845
Charles Hutton, of Merri Creek sworn in as Magistrate of the territory. Source - Melbourne Courier 1 Aug 1845
Charles Hutton and Margaret Smith baptised Elenora 1843, Mary 1846
Charles Hutton To Depasture Stock.Portland Bay, Page 67 31 Jan 1847
Charles Hutton Savings' Bank Trustees; Owned Property Merri Merri Creek - Freehold Property

Articles from Trove -
Sydney Herald Wednesday 17 November 1841 p2
PORT PHILLIP SAVINGS' BANK-The under- mentioned gentlemen have been appointed by His Honor the Superintendent, Vice President and Trustees of the Savings' Bank of Port Phillip -James Simpson Esq , Vice President, Ihomas Wills Esq , George Ward Cole Esq , Skene Craig Esq James David Lyon Campbell, Esq , James Graham, Esq , Charles Hutton Esq , Jones Agnew Smith, Esq Robert Martin, Esq, Rev Adam Camp on Thomson, Rev James Forbes, Rev Patrick Bonaventura Geoghegnn.

Southern Australian Tuesday 18 April 1843 p3
 It was resolved at a specal meeting of the Trustees, held on 31st January, 1843, his Honor the Superintendent being present and approving of the same, that out of the surplus balance in favor of the Bank, in addition to the 5 per cent, already placed at the credit of the depositors, 2½ per cent, should be added to' the accounts, making the interest on deposits in the Bank, on 31st December, 1842,- at the rate of 7½ per cent, per annum, with the exception of the amount at the credit of the Intestate Estates, on which the Trustees consider 5 per cent, is sufficient. The sum of £111 11s 3d having been set apart towards the establishment of a Rest or Security Fund, in conformity with the Act of the Governor and Council, 5 Victoria, No. 5, it was resolved that the remainder be reserved to' pay current expenses: (Signed-James Smith, Accountant ; Approved, C. J. La Trobe, President; James Simpson, vice-President; Jones A. Smith; Charles Hutton; Robert Martin; George W. Cole;.A.C Thomson; James Graham.-Government Gazette. . . .

Launceston Examiner 26 July 1843 p2
PURSUANT to the proviso for that purpose contained in a certain indenture bearing date the sixteenth day of July, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine,and made between George Hobler, formerly of Killafaddy, near Launceston, in Van Diemen's Land, but then of' Maitland in New South Wales, Esquire, of the first part, Williami Effing ham Lawrence, late of Launceston afore said, Esquire, deceased, of the second part, Alexander Dunlop, of Priory Lodge, Largs, in the county of Ayr, in the kingdom of' Scotland, Esquire, of the third part, James Dunlop, of Priory Lodge aforesaid, Esquire, of the fourth part, and Charles Swanston, of New Town, in Van Diemen's Land, Esquire, Thomas Learmonth, of Hobart Town, in Van Dietmen's Land, Esquire, and Charles Hutton, of Port Phillip, Esquire, of the fifth part, notice is hereby given, that default having been made in the pay ment of the interest secured by the said in denture, which became due on the twenty eighth day of February last past, it is the intention of the mortgagees under the said indenture to SELL by PUBLIC AUC TION the LAND and hereditaments thereby conveyed and hereinafter described, and that such sale will be effected by MR. JOHN CHRISTOPHER UNDERWOOD, of Launceston, auctioneer, at his sale-rooms in Charles-street, Launceston, on TUES DAY, the-thirty-first day of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoon; and the land thus to be sold is described in the said indenture as follows-All that tract or par cel of Land containing by admeasurement: six hundred acres, be the same more or less, situate and being in the county of Dorset, in Van Diemen's Land aforesaid, and called or known by the name of Killa faddy, and bounded on the south east by a straight line of eighty three chains and ninety links or thereabouts commencing at the North Esk River and extending along land located to Robert Wales to a stake at a small rivulet which runs into the Distil lery Creek, thence by that rivulet to its junction with the said Distillery Creek, and thence by the said Distillery Creek to its junction with the North Esk River, and thence by that river to the said land located to Robert Wales, and which said land was formerly described as all those six hundred acres of land lying and situate in the district of Port Dalrymple, Van Diemen's Land, bounded on south east side by a north-east line of eighty-three chains ninety links, on the north-east side by a north-west line of six chains eighty-five links to a small run of water at a bend of it, and thence by that run on the remaining north-east and north west sides, dividing it from Edwards' farm, to the North Esk River, which river is the boundary on the south-west and south-east sides. The terms of payment will be as follows : Four thousand pounds payable in five years, and bearing eight and a half per cent. in terest; ten per cent. of the residue to be paid in cash; and the balance by approved bills at six and twelve months, with, bank interest added. Dated this eighteenth day of July, 1843. ROBERT PITCAIRN,
Attorney for the Mortgagees.
[This was advertised again in The Courier 13 September 1848]

Sydney Morning Herald 21 May 1845 p3
DISTRICT COUNCILS.—His Excellency the Governor has directed it to be notified, that letters have been received from the respective Wardens, certifying the return of the follow- ing gentlemen to serve as members of the District Councils, specified in connexion with their respective names, viz. : — Liverpool: Messrs. Samuel Deane Gordon and David Johnston. Maitland : Messrs. Andrew Lang and John Wilkinson. Paterson : Messrs. Walter Scott, senior, and Arthur Edwin Way. Illawarra : Messrs David Berry and Kenneth McKenzie. Queanbeyan : Messrs. Alured Tasker Faunce and Henry Zouch. Newcastle : Messrs. Henry Usher and Alexander Brown. Yass : Messrs. Edward Ryan and James Mid- dleton. Sydney : Messrs. William Edward Thurlow, Charles Jenkins, Henry Fisher, and Thomas Hyndes. Penrith : Messrs. John Perry and James McCarthy, junior. Par- ramatta : Messrs. George Oakes, Nathaniel Peyton, and James Byrnes. Patrick's Plains : Messrs. John Larnack, Archibald Bell, and George Bowman. Raymond Terrace and Dungog. Messrs. Archibald Windeyer and George Mitchell Harpur. Merton and Mus-wellbrook : Messrs. George Blaxland and Pierce Hegarty. Mudgee and Wellington : Messrs. George Cox, William Willard Lowe, Charles George Tempe Chauvel, Charles Bland Lowe, and John Blackstone. Braidwood and Broulee : Messrs. John Kenneth McKenzie, Hugh Wallace, and Thomas Bell. Bourke (Port Phillip) : Messrs. Joseph Hawdon, Ed- ward Eyre Williams, and Charles Hutton. Berrima : Messrs. James Jerome Higgins, Michael Doyle and George Taylor Rowe

Australian Thursday 5 June 1845 p4
 District Council of Bourke. — Notice is hereby given, that at an Election of District Councillors, held before me, this 6th day of May, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and -forty-five, to supply the vacancies of the above Council, occasioned by the retire ment of Joseph Hawdon and Edward Eyre Williams, Esqrs., and the death- of the late James David Lyon Campbell, Esq., who would also have retirod by rotation at this time; the follow ing gentlemen were duly elected to supply such vacancies : — Joseph Hawdon, Edward Eyre Williams, and Charles Hutton, Esqrs — Ibid.
Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 16 July 1845 p2
APPOINTMENT.-His Excellency the G overnor has appointed Archibald M'Lachlan, of Mel- bourne, and Charles Hutton, of the Merri Creek, Esqrs., both of the district of Port Phillip, to be Magistrates of the territory and its dependencies, and also of the town of Melbourne.
Argus Tuesday 7 July p2
DISTRICT LICENSES - A special petty session of the Licensing Justices tor the district was held on Saturday Present - Major St. John (in the chair), A Cameron, D Cameron, E. Curr, W Firebrace, C. Hutton, R, Martin, A M'Callum, C. Playne, F A Powlett, J. C. Riddell, J. Smith, S Stephen, and W. B. Wilmot, Esquires. The applications before the court were disposed of as follows -

Publicans' General Licenses Granted -William Wright, Deep Creek , David William O'Nial, Springs, David Anderson, Burn Bank, Samuel Watson, Faithful's Creek
Publicans' General Licenses Refused - Thomas Clarke, Violet Town, (house not finished); T. A Gibbon, (house not finished)
Wine and Beer Licenses-Samuel Hawkins, Coliban Creek, postponed ; William Bertram, Campaspe, postponed ; John Carpenter, Loddon, postponed , G F Stokes, Mount Macedon, refused for mandamusing their Worships.
Transfers granted-'' The Bushman," Sugar Loaf Creek, from Peter Young to Robert Bateman , " The Retreat, " Pentridge, from Thomas Clark to George Stanway, "The Traveller's Inn," River Ovens, from Thomas Bond to John Rogers.
Transfers Refused -"Traveller's Rest," Mercer's Vale, from Andrew Beveridge to Charles Bellinger, (for non performance of promise to have made certain alterations in the premises) ; "The Albion," William's town, from Thomas Howe to William Dawson (reason not assigned).

Argus Friday 4 February 1848 p1
APPLICATIONS for Leases received at the Superintendent's Office during the month of January, 1848 :
Applicant                       Station                   Date
Charles Hutton               Strathdownie        24 January 1847

Notes from the website:
Captain Charles Hutton, overlander, who arrived in Port Phillip (Victoria) in 1838, established the East Strathdownie pastoral run in 1845. This run of 39,324 acres was on the Glenelg River 16 miles from Dartmoor. Earlier, in 1838, Hutton took up the Campaspe Plains run of 144,900 acres near Heathcote, which he held until 1840. Hutton then took up his Hutton's Station, or Flowerdale, 10,240 acres of land 12 miles south-west of Yea, which he held between 1840 and 1845 (Billis & Kenyon, pp. 87, 186, 203, 208).

A few years later, in 1848, Hutton was involved in a bitter dispute with John Wood Beilby, a Scottish pastoralist, who had been manager of his Flowerdale run between 1843 and 1844. Beilby, who arrived in Port Phillip in 1841, took up the neighbouring Western Strathdownie run of 28,000 acres on the Glenelg River, 12 miles north of Dartrnoor in 1845. He held this run until August 1848.

On 13 March 1848, when applying for a depasturising license, Beilby complained that 'Charles Hutton has hunted our cattle (2600 head) from these lands, and depriving them of sustenance, have caused us an extreme expense and loss, which if continued for a few months, will ruin us.' Perhaps as a result, in August 1848, Western Strathdownie's lease was transferred to Thomas and Somerville Learmonth. By February 1849, Hutton's East Strathdownie run was in the same hands (ibid, pp. 203, 300; East Strathdownie and Western Strathdownie Pastoral Run Papers).

Argus Thursday 22 March 1855 p2
Important Sale of Household Furniture, Carriages, Horse Harness, Cow, etc, a late residence of Captain Charles Hutton, Victoria parade.
SYMONS and PERRY~áre intructed to sell by auction, at the late residence of Captain Chas. Hutton, Victoria parade, Collingwood, on Thurs day, 22nd inst, at twelve o'clock,
The whole of that gentleman's valuable household furniture, carriages, etc, comprising
Handsome telescope dining table
Mahogany sideboard
Dining room chairs
Three dinner services
Tea do
Drawing room chairs
Loo table .
100 vols of books
Double iron bedsteads
Single do
Hair mattresses
Toilet glasses
Dressing tables
China, etc.
A handsome Cabriolet, suited for one or a pair of horses
A convenient mall phaeton, with hood and aprons
One light phaeton.
After which,
A staunch and powerful bay carriage horse, warranted good in single or double harness
A valuable milch cow.
Catalogues may be had at the rooms of the auctioners - 4041

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