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Meeting to discuss migration issues in Port Phillip -January 1841

Article from Trove -

The Sydney Herald Thursday 28 January 1841 p2
At some future opportunity we shall enter very fully into the various points of moment connected with this vitally important subject; but mean while we think our readers will take deep interest in the proceedings at Melbourne, which we give below, from the Port Phillip Gazette.
Pursuant to public notice, a meeting was held at the Auction Company's Rooms for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency or advantages of forming an Association upon similar principles to that established in Sydney, namely, a co-operation by the public with the Government in securing the more regular and a more extensive supply of labour.
His Honor Mr. La Trobe presided upon the occasion being surrounded with a numerous body of the inhabitants, to all of whom the matter at issue was of deep and interesting importance. A committee of gentlemen had been formed with the view of generally eliciting the opinions and sentiments of those who were considered the most conversant with the subject, from a practical experience of the present system under which emigration has been conducted. In accordance therefore three reports were laid before the meeting, one from Messrs. Thomas Enscoe, and James, the second from Captain Cole and the third from the district committee, which were deemed fully to embrace the views of the projected Association, and formed the groundwork of the subsequent proceedings of the meeting, which were as follows:--
Proposed by W. Verner Esq., seconded by - Butler, Esq.:-- That this meeting, under the support of His Honour the Superintendent, in ac accordance with opinion conveyed in the reports of the District Committee, with the supplementary reports by Captain Cole and Messrs. Thomas, Enscoe and James, and influenced by the prevalent direction of public feeling, do consider it essentially necessary to the interest of Port Phillip, that an association, having for its present object "The assisting of healthy and able emigrants from Great Britain under the aid of the Bounty System, as also from other European and Oriental countries, when circumstances may permit," should be promptly established and brought to bear upon the increasing and inadequately supplied wants of the province.
" Proposed by R Barry Esq., and seconded by James Watson Esq - That while the members of this meeting are cordially desirous of finding the Sydney Association attended with success, are rejoiced to see the powerful success it has received from Government, they cannot see their way sufficiently clear through the extensive and complicated measures proposed by that Society, to decide upon that conjunction of interests and capital, which has been proposed to the community of Port Phillip; but having the utmost confidence in their Local Government, and satisfied with the patronage of His Honor the superintendent, consider that the formation of an Association entirely distinct from that connected with the older settlement, will best encompass the views of the public.
' 3. Proposed by W. Lonsdale, Esq., and seconded by W Highett, Esq.,: -That as it is desirable the various opinions elicited during the course of this meeting, should be fully and impartially discussed; that some definite and efficient arrangement should be determined, as well with regard to the agency of the association, as the application of its funds, and that a system of immediate operations should be agreed upon, it is advisable that a Committee be appointed to carry out the intentions of this meeting, and further to report upon the circumstances and bearings of the subject
" 4. Proposed by Dr. McCrae, seconded by H. Jamieson, Esq. :- That the following gentle- men do form the Central Committee, with power of appointing their own Secretary and Treasurer, and taking steps for the formation and appointment of District Committees in the interior, to co-operate and correspond with that of Melbourne, mid of any of which three shall at any- time form a quorum ; His Honor Charles Joseph La'Trobe, Esq. Patron ; James Simpson, J. D. Lyon Campbell, H. Yaldwin, F. Willis, F. A. Powlett, W. Lonsdale, P. W. Welsh, F'. A. Mollison, A Kemmis, IH. Jamieson, G; F. Reed, A. Morris, H. Murray, E. D. F. Hamilton, Thomas Rickett, J. D. Baillie, A. Campbell, Claude Farie, John Thompson, A. Thompson, D. Fisher, G. W. Cole, James Watson, Charles Hutton, J. Enscoe, W. Ryrie, D, Jennings, - Riper, - Burchett, - Henty, - Henty, J. Blair, R. Jamieson, J. B. Were, James Graham, W. Verlier, P. McCrae, Esquires; Major Webb, Captain Reid, Dr. Imlay, and Dr. Stewart; and that this Committee have power to add to their number as circumstances may require.
" 5. Proposed by J. Watson, Esq., and seconded by P. W. Welsh, Esq. :--That a subscription of ten shillings be now entered into, to meet contingent expenses
" 6. Proposed by J. B. Were, Esq. and seconded by D. J. Campbell, Esq. : ---That the thanks of this meeting be given to the District Committee, for the assistance they have so willingly given to the formation of this Association
" 7, Proposed by S., J. Brown, Esq. and seconded by C. D. Riddle, Esq:-That His Honor C. J. La Trobe, Esq., vacate the chair, and that Captain Lonsdale be requested to take it.
" 8. Proposed by J. D. Lyon Campbell, Esq. and seconded by T. Wills, Esq. -.---That the Chairman be requested to present to His Honor C. J. La Trobe, Esq. the most cordial thanks of this Meeting for the liberal and open views he has taken of the subject, and the support he has personally given by his presence on this occasion to the objects of the society."

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