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Petitions part 8

Collecting Signatures

The following extracts relating to the collection of signatures for the Woman’s Petition in 1891 were taken from the 4th Annual records and methods of work done by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Victoria during the year 1891 - Abstract reports from local branches published Jan 1892 (WCTU AR) and the Alliance Record (AR). Some extracts were also found in minutes of WCTU branches.

The result of our labours in securing signatures for the Women’s suffrage Petition were very gratifying, the result being 600 names. Our workers being few and time limited, the result was not as great as possible, nevertheless we found no difficulty in getting the names. (WCTU AR p15)

In reference to the petitions re ‘Womanhood Suffrage’ the opinion was expressed that if more time had been permitted a larger number of names could have been secured. (AR 19 September 1891 p238)

Mrs Harrison Lee was on the platform the last evening, and spoke for some length on the Woman’s Suffrage question, handling the subject in her own manner (AR 22 August 1891 p207)
Mrs Kirk gave a report of her visit to the Legislative Assembly, and our woman’s petition, and said we had hard work before us at the general election, the members for Hawthorn and the Eastern suburbs both being against us (AR 17 October 1891 p262)
Press Department – We met with great kindness from our local papers, also “Spectator” and “Southern Cross”, they are always willing to insert our reports. (130 members) (WCTU AR p16)

A thorough canvass of the town is being made for signatures to the Woman’s Petition (AR 22 August 1891 p206)

Mrs Marks, our superintendent of legislative department, brought the petition re Womanhood Suffrage before the meeting. Considerable interest is taken in the subject. (AR 5 September 1891 p221)

During the year we have canvassed the town for signatures to the following petitions issued by the Executive: - …(c) Praying Parliament to Grant Womanhood Suffrage. In each case we met with great success and encouragement.’ (WCTU AR p. 18)

Two of our members have been doing a little in Tract Distribution, and we have brought the Woman’s Suffrage Question as prominently as we could before the public by circulating literature and taken the petition round and in other ways. We obtained 105 names to the petition. (WCTU AR p18)
Two of our members have spent one afternoon canvassing for signatures to the Womanhood Suffrage Petition, and met with very encouraging success. We hope to be able to furnish a goodly list of names as our share. They also embraced the opportunity to seek for new members for our Unions, and received several promises. (AR Aug 8 1891 p194) We obtained 105 signatures to the Woman’s Franchise Petition (AR 3 October 1891 p250)

Murrumbeena, Rosstown and Caulfield:
Our monthly meeting was held at Mrs Evan’s attended by a large number of members, showing a lively interest in the Woman’s Suffrage question, which at this time is engrossing the attention of the district. (AR 19 September 1891 p238)

Port Melbourne:
We have also put a large number of lists for the women’s petition into circulation. Eight of our members are systematically visiting from door to door advocating our principles and taking pledges “going about and doing good” (AR 3 October 1891 p250)

Our members made a house to house canvass for signatures to the Woman’s Petition. They have also canvassed for ratepayers’ signatures, praying for a Local Opinion Poll to be taken… (WCTU AR p21)

Members of Parliament have been appealed to to support Womanhood Suffrage; petition also signed. (AR July 25 1891 p182)
We held a large meeting in Richmond Town Hall. When the Rev. D O’Donnell and Mr John Vale spoke on Womanhood Suffrage. (WCTU AR p22)

…last but not least our Women’s Suffrage Petitions, are among the happy reminiscences of the past year, yielding as they have done to spirit of happy union. (WCTU AR p22)

St Kilda:
… not forgetting the education given by Mesdames Lee and Fryers addresses on “Womanhood Suffrage” one member securing about 400 signatures to the Women’s Petition (AR 31 October 1891 p275)
Mrs Harrison Lee has addressed two Public meetings, under the auspices of the Union, on the Woman’s Suffrage Question (WCTU AR p23)

The Petition for Woman’s Suffrage was well signed. (WCTU AR p23)

Our sisters too have been working well for the Womanhood Suffrage petition; the last number given in was close to 1,000 signatures being one-fourth of the population of our little town. (AR 19 September 1891 p238) Over 1000 signatures to the Petition for Womanhood Suffrage were attained (WCTU AR p24)

West Brunswick:
The ladies of this union have done good work in house to house visitation for woman petition, and have been very successful (AR 22 August 1891 p206) Williamstown The woman’s franchise petitions have been warmly taken up by our members (AR 8 August 1891 p194)

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