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52 Ancestors #21 Ann Daley

Ann Daley was born in Windsor, New South Wales, on 10 September 1809. Ann was the eldest child of convicts Charles Daley and Susannah Alderson. She had three sisters and two brothers - Mary Ann (1811-1894), Charles (1813-1886), Sarah (1815-1871), John (1817-1884) and Susannah (1819-1891).

When Ann was born Charles Daley owned a 15 acre property near Windsor where he grew mainly wheat, maize and barley and raised pigs. As the eldest daughter Ann would probably have been expected to help look after her younger brothers and sisters. In 1812 her father is recorded as donating one pound towards a new school. A school house in Windsor Street, between Chappel Street and Pugh's Lagoon was built in 1813 but it is not known whether the children attended the school. As Ann signed the registry when she was married with an X (her mark), any education that she had was minimal. The children would have been expected to help on the farm which by 1822 had been increased to 26 acres.

On 9 May 1830, when she was 20, Ann married the convict, Uriah Moses, at St Matthew's Church of England. Uriah was thirty years older than Ann when they married. Uriah had acquired land in the Windsor area and was growing grain by 1809. His land holdings grew and by 1821 had established a bakery in George Street, Windsor. This was to become a successful family business.

Ann and Uriah  Uriah and Ann had nine children - Frederick Uriah born 1830 died at 8 months, Rachel born in 1831 died when 3 weeks old, Henry (1832-1926), Susannah (1834-1923), George (1838-1908), James born in 1840 and died 6 days later, James Uriah (1842-1892), William (1844-1923) and Thomas born in 1846 and died a month before he turned 4.

When Uriah died in December 1847, Ann was thirty-eight years old and was the mother of six children - the youngest, Thomas, died three years later. The eldest son, Henry, would have been 15, Susannah would have been 13, George would have been 9 and James Uriah would have been 5 years old Uriah must have left the family well provided for. The family remained in the bakery business in Windsor until 1971 so it would have been run by family interests until the sons were able to take over. Henry began his career running the old mill that supplied the bakery with flour before purchasing a property near Moree. Henry also had a successful parliamentary career. For many years, William Moses was in business in Windsor as a grocer and ironmonger together with the bakery and carried on the business as the Hawkesbury Stores at the corner of George and Bridge streets, known as Moses' corner. When he retired the business was taken over by his sons, Hilton  and Arthur Moses. 

 On 4 March 1869, when she was 59, Ann married James Powell and they lived in Sydney.

Ann died on the 12 June 1880, aged 70. She was staying in Petersham at the home of her daughter, Susannah Overmeyer, when she died and was buried at St Matthew's Church of England, Windsor.

Ann was my great (x2) grandmother

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