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Petitions part 17

Local newspaper articles containing information about collecting signatures

Comment in The Spectator (and Methodist Chronicle) 4 September 1891

Great fun has been poked at the (Victorian) Alliance for taking up the cause of Womanhood Suffrage, but they may laugh who win. (p. 843)

News item in The Mount Alexander Mail (Castlemaine) Monday 10 August 1891
The monthly meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Union was held…At the close of the meeting,"Womanhood Suffrage" petitions were handed round, which no doubt will be signed by a large majority of the ladies of the district.(p. 2)

News Items in The Guardian (Richmond) 1 August 1891
The women’s petition for women's franchise is being extensively signed. The ladies who have charge of it in Richmond are industriously at work and have already obtained a large number of signatures, but they want every woman in Richmond to sign. (p. 4)
Central Branch W. C. T. Union Meeting: Reports received re womens' petition. 1000 signatures already received. Those wishing to sign should do so at once, as the extended time will soon expire. (p. 5)
W. C. T. Union: We have received reports from the Burnley and Central branches of the W. C. T. U., which are of a very satisfactory character. The former branch speaks highly of the good work being done at the Armadale home, and that they have asked the Richmond parliamentary representatives to support Womanhood Suffrage. (p. 5)
News Item in The Guardian (Richmond) 5 September 1891
Central Branch W. C. T. Union Meeting: Womanhood suffrage papers were called in for presentation to Parliament. (p. 5)
News Item in The Guardian (Richmond) 3 October 1891
Centre Branch W. C. T. Union: On Mr Trenwith’s speech in Parliament being reported to the meeting (by members of the Union present at the time), the Burnley and Central Unions challenged the hon member for Richmond (Mr Trenwith) to prove that in any one case of the over 1400 signatures from the women of Richmond pressure of any kind brought to bear or any inducement whatever offered save the simple one of woman’s vote. (p. 5)

News Item in St Kilda Advertiser 9 September 1891
The expectation that in the course of a week or two Parliament will be invited to deal with the question of extending the suffrage to women caused the members of the W. C. T. U. at St. Kilda to arrange a kind of rallying meeting at the Congregational Church, Alma-road , on Monday evening, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of the ladies of St. Kilda on the question, and to obtain their signatures to a petition to Parliament…
Mr. W. J. Lormer, who with Mrs. Lormer, had organised the meeting, got the first ripple of laughter out of the gathering by narrating his experience with a lady whom he had asked to sign the petition for the suffrage. "Ah," she replied, "I have suffered long enough. Women don’t want any more sufferings."…
In Victoria it was found that all persons were entitled to vote except "criminals, lunatics, idiots, and women." And at last, Mrs. Lee declared, women found out what they were according to law. (p. 3)
News Item in St Kilda Advertiser 30 September 1891
An enthusiastic meeting of the St. Kilda Political Local Option Alliance held at the Alma-road Congregational schoolroom last Friday evening, Mr. W. Simpson, J.P., presiding. The Rev. E. Handel Jones delivered a logical address in advocacy of Woman's Suffrage. (p. 5)

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