Friday, 3 May 2013

Resources for British Raj in India

A selection of online sites providing information on the British Raj in India:

General Articles
British presence in India BBC - History

British Raj in India - BBC - History

British Raj in India - - Asian history

India timeline - - Asian history

Photos of life in the British Raj - 100 years ago - The Telegraph (UK)

Timeline of British India - The Victorian Web

India timeline - the British Raj - - 19th century history

Indian timeline (1510-1947) - the Latin Library

Family History Resources
India Office - Family History Research - British Library

Families in British India Society FIBIS

British India genealogy Genealogy

British in India - Genealogic (links to online resources)

India and Sri Lanka - websites for genealogists

British India - UK family history

Indian cemeteries

British India - resources in the AIGS

India genealogy - British

The Indiaman - genealogical and history magazine on India

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