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Poitrel wins the Melbourne Cup

Messrs, W. and F. A. Moses, joint owners of Poitrel were not surprised at their victory. They received the congratulations of his Excellency the Governor General, Lord Forster, "We are delighted," they said, "and we think the best horse won. How long have we had him? We bred him at our stud at Arrowfield on the Hunter River, N.S.W. We are first of all breeders, but of course we race a bit, principally at Randwick. The sire was imported, and the dam is a sister of Parsee. Poitrel has had a very successful career, and he is really a wonderful horse. We have not decided what we shall do with him whether we shall race him again or keep him for the stud. Mr. Robinson is the doctor, and it all depends upon what he says. We placed a reserve of £300 on him at the yearling sales,
but as no buyer was prepared to give that amount we kept him, and he has turned out
trumps.He is the first horse we have entered for the Melbourne Cup "
 (Sydney Morning Herald 3 November 1920 page 12) 

Great Public Demonstration,
That Poitrel should have had so cordial a reception speaks volumes for the sports manlike mood of the crowd. To the great majority of the onlookers, the Cup must have proved a distinctly unprofitable event, but any disappointment which may have arisen from personal losses was lost in admiration of the top weight's magnificent performance, and it is doubtful whether any Melbourne Cup finish has been marked by a scene of greater enthusiasm. Stirred by the sheer prowess of Poitrel, the crowd greeted the victor with deafening cheers, which were sustained and undiminished as Bracken rode his mount in to scale.
Poitrel's owners, Messrs. W. and F. A. Moses, were presented with the gold cup by His Excellency the Governor General, Lord Forster laughingly giving each brother one handle to hold, while he voiced his cordial   congratulations. The ceremony was the signal for a renewal of the public demonstration, and many private congratulations were subsequently conveyed to the successful trainer (H. J. Robinson), who awaited Poitrel and his stable mate Erasmus, the second horse, in the birdcage.
(The Argus 3 November 1920 page 10) 

(By Telegraph.) MELBOURNE. November 4. 
Poitrel's victory in the Cup cost the ring £80,000. The stable were big winners, also one big Melbourne book maker, and also the owner and trainer, who threw in for a big stake.
(Townsville Daily Bulletin 5 November 1920 page 5) 

 SYDNEY, Sunday. 
Keenly as Messrs. W. and F. A Moses, the owners of, Poitrel, wished for a meeting with Eurythmic, they have decided not to risk a complete breakdown with their champion, and as the injury he sustained last week is not improving, it is practically certain that Poitrel has finished his racing career. Harry Robin son, who has always trained Poitrel, decided to-day that there was practically no hope of the son of St. Alwynne stand ing another race, and, like Poitrel's owners, he would not care to see the equine wonder retire from the turf in a broken down state. Poitrel will go to the Arrowfield stud next season. His stake winnings amounted to £26,919, and it was confidently expected that he would pass Carbine's great total of £29,476. 
(Examiner Launceston 28 March 1921 page 2)

Brisbane, Tuesday.
Poitrel, which won the Melbourne Cup in 1920, died yesterday at Tarong Station, where he was doing stud duty.  In all he won 18 races, his winning stakes amounting to £26,920.
(Barrier Miner 3 May 1932 page 1)

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