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George Hutton and the Federation drought 1895 -1902

Federation drought 1895-1902
The five years preceding Federation had been intermittently dry over most of the country. Very dry conditions set in across eastern Australia during the spring of 1901, and became entrenched over the following months. As the drought worsened, enormous sheep and cattle losses were reported from Queensland, and many rivers dried up. The Darling River at Bourke virtually ran dry, while Murray River towns such as Mildura, Balranald and Deniliquin - at that time dependent on the river for transport - suffered badly. The Australian wheat crop was all but lost. Rain in December 1902 brought temporary relief, with a more substantial break in autumn 1903. The long drought and its severe climax in 1902 had devastated stock numbers, and began focusing attention on planning for irrigation, especially in the three states through which the Murray River flows.
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My Place for teachers - Federation drought

HUTTON.-November 5. 1936. George, eldest son of the late Colonel Forbes Hutton and Mrs. Hutton, of Lilydale. Melbourne and loving father of Nora and Nancy, aged 86 years.
Sydney Morning Herald Friday 6 November 1936 p12

HUTTON-On the 5th November at Mosman Bay Sydney, George, eldest son of the late Lieut-Colonel Hutton, in his 87th year.
Argus Thursday 12 November 1936 p1
HUTTON.-April 29, at her residence, 25 Alexander Street, Manly, Nan, dearly beloved wife of George Hutton.
Sydney Morning Herald 30 April 1924 p14
HUTTON.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. GEORGE HUTTON will leave her late residence. 25
Alexander-street, Manly, THIS AFTERNOON, WEDNESDAY, at 2.30 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery,  Manly.
T. WAUGH and CO., Tel. Manly 42._Funeral Directors
Sydney Morning Herald 30 April 1924 p13

George Hutton owned a property, The Troffs, west of Parkes. The birth of his three children were recorded as being registered at Parkes between 1889 and 1899. Unfortunately there was a lack of rain in the years between 1895 and 1902 referred to as the Federation Drought. George and his family sold the property. Annie and their two girls went to live in Sydney while George remained in the district trying to earn a living. He eventually became a Rabbit Inspector for the Molongo P P Board.

Need to find out more about the property in Parkes and also when George became a rabbit inspector. When did Annie acquire Wyalla? George left Victoria in the early 1870s to join a droving party travelling north to Queensland. What did he do until purchasing the Parkes property. He kept detailed notes of his first couple of years in the colony and then recorded nothing. His final years were spent at Meta Vale in Queensland.

Sands & Kenny Directories
1903 - Mrs G Hutton 46 McLaren Street, North Sydney
1910 - Mrs Annie Hutton 46 Pitt Street (Upper Pitt Street) North Sydney near Jeffrey Street
1915 -
In 1916 the house was sold to St Aloysius College and became the Senior School

1918 - G Hutton - Molong

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