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Clyde Company Papers - Notes

In 1836 the Clyde Company started with ten partners to develop sheep stations in the Port Phillip district. The Clyde Company Papers are predominately a collection of papers preserved by George Russell, upon whom devolved almost entirely the active management of the company. Volume 2 of the papers covers the years 1836-1840 and includes a number of references to George Mackillop.

[p160] In a letter from Phillip Russell to George Russell dated 9 August 1838 -
... I have written to Mr McKillop to day, who has a quantity of strong Indian bagging which he is selling cheap. ....

[p246] Part of correspondence from William Russell to relatives in Scotland dated 28 August 1839 -
There is another station at this place belonging to Mr McKillop, of whom you have heard before, but he does not reside here himself. It is rich and beautiful and has all the appearance of some Nobleman's extensive domain.

Excerpt from correspondence from Dr Robert Officer to Philip Russell in 1839
[p266] I have got a house nearly built here for P.P. and hope when I come over to be able to secure some land to place it on, to be ready for my family. I intended to have been over for good about Novr or Decr next, but for the present postponed our removal. Your brother authorised me to get one of the casks of Sidney Tobacco which he sent over to you some time ago, and I requested Gibb<s> to call for it when he came down from other stores. If I get Mr Mackillop's sheep I shall also have his bullocks, so that it will not then be necessary to purchase more. I formerly acknowledged your kindness in making a purchase of the bullocks for me.

Additional information about Robert Officer in Australian Dictionary of Biography

Excerpt from correspondence from Philip Russell to George Russell dated 2 October 1839
[p267] Dr Officer has got an offer of Mr McKillop['s] sheep, about 6.500 at 22/- with their wool on; he intends being over to reside with all his Family in Nov., but should the sheep require to be delivered before he can be over, will you take the trouble of doing so?they are running somewhere near Gibb's; these sheep are for the Captain and Dr Officer, and we considered them, with the station &c., a bargain; the sale has not yet been completed, but when it is I will give you all the particulars &c.

[p312] Phillip Russell to George Russell 7 February 1840 - in reference to T Anderson purchasing sheep -
... he has lost both Mackillop's and Hutton's. I do not suppose  he will be able to buy any other on such favourable terms. Mr Mackillop informs me that his sheep at P P [returned] 10p. cent., and 100 per cent in 4 years.

[p133-4] Part of a footnote relating to a letter dated 29 January 1838 from Phillip Russell to George Russell referring to Charles McLachlan - Charles McLachlan owned or was agent for several small craft trading to Port Phillip, among them the schooner Tasmanian Lass, which arr. H.T. 10 Jan. from P.P 1 Jan. with 24 bales wool a/c J.F. Strachan and 18 a/c George Mackillop.

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