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Clyde Company Papers - Notes 3

Clyde Company Papers volume 2
Introduction section for the year 1837

George Mackillop, in whose service George Russell first crossed Bass Strait, was another Vandiemonian to promote an overland link between Port Phillip Bay and Port Jackson. Early in 1835 he went to New South Wales in the hope of reaching Western Port across the mountains at the head of the Murray, and led an expedition from Monaro that resulted in the occupation of the Lake Omeo district on the fringe of what became Gippsland. In a communication addressed from the Yarra to Sydney before Mitchell's return there, or Gardiner's departure from Yass, he mentioned the great need for cattle at the new settlement, and expressed surprise that none had yet been sent by Hume and Hovell's route. Although, as one about to leave Van Diemen's Land, he advertised his 'large family home' for sale, and an apprentice girl aged thirteen for transfer as 'house servant or needlewoman' to any family willing to take charge of her, he remained in Hobart Town, where he was established as a merchant in association with Thomas Learmonth senior. Learmonth acquired a large interest in the Derwent company, but Mackillop was prominent among those who were known at this period as 'Dobson's Port Phillip Company' - a group of adventurers who hoped by acting in concert to obtain equal writes with the Port Phillip Association or its inheritors. His interests in Port Phillip crystallized as a mere sleeping partnership with another Anglo-Indian, James Smith, in the station at Terang afterwards called Glenormiston, but publication of his notes in Sydney, and later n Edinburgh, both encouraged New South Wales squatters to push beyond the dry Riverina plains, and stimulated inquiry throughout Scotland. His descriptions of the Geelong and Western Port districts seem to owe something to George Russell's reports. (p54)

Classified advertisement in the Hobart Town Courier 13 January 1837 p 3
(located in Trove - http://trove.nla.gov.au)

For Sale,
THE House in Davey street, lately built by Mr. M'Killop, and now occupied by him, with the garden attached. The first story consists of a drawing room 29 by 16 feet, a parlour, with store closets attached, a dining room, bed room, a butlers's sleeping room, pantry and kitchen. The second floor consists of 6 large bed rooms, a dressing room, store room and water closet ; and over these are three attics for servants, &c. In the out offices are a scullery, attached to the kitchen, a store room, hay loft, stable, coach, pig and hen houses &c.
The garden is of excellent soil, and is well stocked with fruit trees, now in full bearing.
The premises have been fitted up with every attention to the comfort of a large family, and are now only to be sold on account of the proprietor being about to leave the island.
The premises will be sold at a very great reduction from the sum they have just cost, or from what they could now be built for by any one, and at a long credit, at a low rate of interest,
will be given if required for two-thirds of the purchase money. The house may be inspected on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 4 o'clock.
Title, a grant from the crown.
For further particulars apply to  

Classified advertisement in the Hobart Town Courier 3 February 1837 p 1
(located in Trove - http://trove.nla.gov.au)
 House Servant or Needlewoman.
MR. MACKILLOP, Davey street,being about to leave the colony, is desirous to transfer an apprentice girl to any family willing to take charge of her. She is in good health, 13 years of age, and would make herself generally useful. Apply to Mr. Mackillop._

Classified advertisement in the Hobart Town Courier 6 November 1835 p 1

(located in Trove - http://trove.nla.gov.au)
MESSRS. Thomas Learmouth and George Mackillop intimate to parties proposing to ship wool to England, they are ready to make advances on consignments to Messrs Palmers, Mackillop, & Co, London.
Parties desiring information respecting T. L. and G. M. or their agents, are referred to Chas. Swanston, esq. Managing Director of the Derwent Bank.
2, Old Wharf, Hobart town,
Oct. 20.

Classified advertisement in the Hobart Town Courier18 November 1836 p 3

(located in Trove - http://trove.nla.gov.au)
 Port Phillip
A meeting of the parties unconnected with the Port Phillip Company , who signed the Memorial to Sir Richard Bourke on the 6th ultimo, will be held at the Macquarie Hotel on Tuesday next the 22d instant, at 12 o'clock to receive mr Dobson's report.

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