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Mackillop house in Hobart

Two advertisements for the sale of house and contents of the Mackillop home in Hobart
Elegant Mansion, Garden, AND EXTENSIVE PREMISES.
At his Mart in Elizabeth-street on Saturday, 15th April next, at one o'clock, positively without re- serve, the proprietor (G. Mackillop, Esq..) being about to leave the Colony,
THAT splendid Family Mansion, situate in the most delightful part of Davey-street, and   bounded by the Sandy Bay Rivulet, the property of George Mackillop, Esq. comprising every accommodation that can possibly be required.
The first floor consists of a drawing room 29 feet by 16, dining room and parlour, a bed room, butler's pantry and sleeping room, kitchen, scullery, &c, under which are spacious cellars.
On the second story are six large bed rooms, fitted with cupboards, three dressing rooms, and store closets.
The attics comprise two servants bed rooms and a store.
The whole is fitted up in the most complete manner, with water closets, &c, without regard to expense, and elegantly finished.
The out offices consist of a stable, loft and servants sleeping room, large store, coach houses, oven, wood and fowl house, pig sties, and sundry other buildings in the yard, which is securely fenced.
The premises stand on 2 acres, 1 rood, 27 perches of excellent ground; the garden has been trenched   15 inches deep, well manured, and stocked with trees, all of which were loaded this season with the choicest fruit (the pears and apples still remain;)   strawberries and raspberries were in the greatest abundance; the never-failing stream at the bottom   affords a constant supply of water, and the neighbourhood is truly respectable, having the residences of Thomas Learmonth, Esq. on one side, and Hugh Ross, Esq. on the other.
The beauty of the surrounding scenery is too well known and admired to require comment.
The title is a new grant,
Terms-Ten per cent, deposit on the day of sale one-third by bill at six months, bearing eight per cent. interest; the balance may remain secured on the premises for ten years at eight per cent,
For tickets, to view, and further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer  
Colonial Times Tuesday 4 April 1837 page 2

BY MR. T Y. LOWES,      
At the Residence of George Mackillop, Esq. upper end of Davey-street, TO-MORROW, the 12th instant, commencing at 12 o'clock precisely,
THE whole of the costly and truly elegant
Household Furniture, and other effects, the property of George Mackillop, Esq., proceeding to England, which will be sold without
the least reserve
Comprising in part,
Solid Spanish mahogany rosewood dining  
and drawing room tables and chairs, elegantly carved and highly polished.
Two splendid drawing-room lamps, of exquisite workmanship
A semi grand Piano, by Broadwood, Two easy chairs, beautifully carved Elegant mahogany sideboard Celleret
Tea caddies
Dumb waiter on handsome brass castors, Cheffioneers and card tables
Very superior Brussels and other carpets, one made to order, 29 x 15 9 (exceedingly good)
Chimney, pier, and dressing glasses
Extremely rich and costly dinner, dessert, tea and breakfast services   China
Cut glass
Ivory handled balanced knives and forks Crockery &c.
Four-post and other solid mahogany bed-steads, richly carved
Hair mattresses, English feather beds
Ladies' wardrobes, bidets, bed-steps, cheval glasses Children's bedsteads, and every requisite article of Household Furniture in excellent order, and of the best possible description
A cellar of the choicest old wines, sent expressly to order, comprising every variety A handsome landaulet, with Collins' patent axles, carriage, harness, horse cart, &c.
An extensive library, of the best selected works, amongst which is Brewster's Encyclopedia, in 22 vols.
A more particular description will be given in the Catalogues to be issued previous to the Sale, as it is impossible to particularize them satisfactorily in an advertisement.  
Terms,-From £25 to £100 three months, above £100 four months' credit
N.B. The elegant Service of Plate, being of considerable value, is for sale privately, if applied for previous to the 10th proximo, the Proprietor wishing it not to be separated, as the whole bears the same crest.    
Since the above was advertised, Mr. Mackillop has determined to sell all his splendid plated ware, the articles of which will appear in the catalogue. These and the other goods will be on view the day previous to the sale.  
Colonial Times Tuesday 11 February 1840

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