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Christmas Day Norfolk Island

Descriptions and events of Christmas Day on Norfolk island from 1788  to 1793.
George Guest and Mary Bateman arrived on Norfolk Island in 1790.

25 Dec 1788: Philip King wrote: The 25th, being Christmas-day, it was observed as a holyday. The colours were hoisted at sun-rise: I performed divine service; the officers dined with me, and I gave each of the convicts half a pint of rum, and double allowance of beef, to celebrate the festival: the evening concluded with bonfires, which consisted of large piles of wood, that had been previously collected for the occasion.

25 Dec 1789: Philip King wrote: Moderate breezes & pleasant Wr at Sunrise hoisted ye Colours in observance of Christmas Day. at 10 AM performed Divine Service killed 2 Hogs belonging to the Crown Wt 180 lb & issued them 1 lb & ½ to each person & as our Crop of Wheat has been a good one gave Them 2 lb of Flour each Man & one pound to the Women —

25 Dec 1790: Ralph Clark wrote: Fine weather but blows fresh from the Southward and a great Sea Rolling into the Bay which will make a great Surf on the Reef on which there is a great dele at present — this being Christmas day I wish a merry merry Christmas to all the world — the most poorest person in England will be better off this day than any of use here for the[y] will be able to get Small bier with their dinner to drink if nothing better and there is not any of use will have anything better but cool water this will be a dry Christmas — doe good Gorgon come and take use away from this place.

Philip King does not mention Christmas Day 1791 in his journal.

25 Dec 1792: Philip King wrote: Was observed as a Holyday and divine Service preformed. The good things that were purchased from the Philadelphia enabled everyone to pass this Festival, which much Conviviality and regular behaviour.

25 Dec 1793: Philip King wrote: Devine Service was preformed and kept as a Holyday.

Australian History Research website - Christmas Day Norfolk Island 1st Settlement

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