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Simeon Lord

A select biblography 


Simeon Lord by D R Hainsworth - a 30 page booklet published in 1968 by Oxford University Press as part of the Great Australians series.

The Sydney Traders: Simeon Lord and his contemporaries, 1788-1821 by D R Hainsworth published in 1972 by Cassell Australia (264p). 2nd edition published in 1981 by Melbourne University Press.
 [This book was based on a thesis submitted for degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History at the University of Adelade in 1969]

 A merchant prince of Botany Bay: the story of Simeon Lord by E C Rowland published in 1944 (44p). Originally published as an article in Royal Australian Historical Society Journal, vol. xxx.

A likely lad: the story of Simeon Lord by Nelse Cay published in 1989 by the author. (173p) "This is written as a story rather than a documentary to try and give flesh and blood to the dry bones of history" - quote from author. It contains a number of historical inaccuracies.

These publications were written some time ago and additional information has been uncovered since their publication.

Simeon Lord 1771-1840 by D R Hainsworth - article in Australian Dictionary of Biography

Nothing but gum trees: textile manufacturing in New South Wales 1788-1850 by Eve Stenning - article in Australasian Historical Archaeology vol. 11 1993 pages 76- 87

A quick search online provided a number of  titles with relevant information:

Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's legacy by Keith R Binney published in 2005 by Volcanic Productions (542p). This history of early horse racing in the colony includes a section on Simeon Lord pages 148-150 - available online via Google books

Debt, seduction and other disasters: the birth of civil law in convict New South Wales by Bruce Kersher published in 1996 by Federation Press (238p) - sections available online via Google books
In the Tables of Cases section the list of litigation in which Simeon was involved is provided

Sealers: William Tucker, Simeon Lord, Jonas Poole, James Weddell, Thomas Edge, John Boultbee, Thomas Marmaduke, John Davis, William Smith published in 2010 by General Books (48p) (no digital copy)

Taka: a vignette life of William Tucker 1784-1817: convict, sealer, trader in human heads, Otago settler, New Zealand's first art dealer by Peter Entwisle published in 2005 by Port Daniel Press (157p) - sections available in Google books

Selection of reports and papers of the House of Commons: Prisons ... vol. 51 Google books - references to Simeon Lord as a magistrate including the disapproval of Ellis Bent

Most books written on the early European history of Sydney will contain references to Simeon Lord.

Books about Todmorden, England, where Simeon Lord lived before his transportation to Australia and also about his mother's family:

Fieldens of Todmorden: a nuneteenth century business dynasty by Brian R Law published in 1995. (302p)

 The Fielden Trail: a ramble through Todmorden's past by Jim Jarratt published in 1988 by Smith Settle. (105p)

These are only a few of the many available resources with information about aspects of the life of Simeon Lord. Other titles will be added as located.

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