Friday, 2 January 2015

Genealogy Do-Over - interesting blog posts

On 15 December 2014 in his blog,  Geneabloggers, genealogist Thomas MacEntee announced that, from 2 January 2015, he was proposing a 13 week pause in his genealogy endeavours to review techniques and processes and start his research from scratch. Additional information about this proposal has caused a great deal on discussion, some of which can be viewed in the links below. He called the program Genealogy-Do-Over.

Website - Genealogy-Do-Over

Facebook -  Genealogy-Do-Over - (Need to apply to join this group)

Bag the web - Genealogy-Do-Over- (This is an excellent site to read the blog posts and comments re this project)

Genealogy-Do-Over - Week 1 - (Participants can receive email reports each week)

Since the announcement a number of bloggers have provided, often useful information, on research techniques, programs they use, methods for organising paper and digital files and ways they could improve their research. Below are just a few of the initial posts.

Key genealogy categories for tackling your goals - AnceStories

Embracing my mistakes - Why I am participating in the Genealogy-Do-Over in 2015 - Accidental Genealogist

Research logs - The Anglers Rest

Using One Note for genealogy - For your family story

Tessa Keogh - You Tube for genealogy

Genealogy-Do-Over Week 1- Piney Woods & Prairie Winds

A Genealogy-Do-Over - my thoughts - Keogh Corner

5th blogiversary - reflections and goals - Family history across the seas

My Genealogy-Do-Over - Tracing my roots: who do I think I am?

Genealogy record keeping - Loveless & Lovelace family

It should be interesting to read the information provided and the ensuing discussion.

If nothing else, it should encourage many doing their family history to stop and think about how they are carrying out their research; if necessary, review their family trees (in some cases start again) and learn how to carefully read original documents.

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