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Education records part 2

Types of items that may be held at the PROV include:
  •  pupil registers & indexes
  • inspectors' reports
  • school committee, mothers club records
  • school magazines
  • correspondence
  • records of academic achievement
  • discipline records
  • class photographs
To find a school:
  • Go to Access the Collection
  •  Select Find by Number
  • Select the Group button
  • Type the number 24 (educational institutions)
  • Select Related Agencies
  • Click on Agency Title for a list of schools in alphabetical order together with their VA number
There is also an online index available when searching for a school.
Secondary High Schools began in 1907

VPRS 1440 Registers of Professional Officers

VPRS 14390 War Service  Publications

VPRS 13718 Teacher Record Books - there is an online index

Inspector Report Book contains reports of each visit to a school

School Building Files
  • VPRS 795  - Primary Schools
  • VPRS 3916  - High Schools
Information may also be found in Public Works Department Files and MMBW Survey Plans
  • VPRS 7882 Public Building Files - index online
  • VPRS 9044 Public Building Plans too large to fit in normal file
Records for non government schools generally not held but information may be located School Buildings Files: Non Government and also in Health Department Files.

Records of the former Education History Unit include:
  • VPRS 14557 School histories & other publications
  • VPRS 14519 School history files
  • VPRS 15355 Biography files
  • VPRS 14004 Donations
Student magazines include copies of The School Paper

Records may also be found in other government departments:
  • Royal Commissions
  • Crown Land Reserve files
  • Education Gazettes
Check archives in other states for education records held. now includes a number of New South Wales school registers including NSW Teachers' Rolls 1869-1908

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