Sunday, 16 February 2014

Claim a convict

I have just added the names of the 12 convicts in my family to the Claim a Convict website - a service enabling researchers with convict ancestors to contact each other by email.

The search & browse section allows you to find convicts by surname or by the name of the ship on which they travelled to Australia. It is necessary to register to become a member of the site and a password will then be sent by email. Once you have logged on you can 'claim' a selected convict and a link indicating that you are researching the person and are willing to be contacted by email is added beneath the name of the convict. You decide whether or not your name will appear on the list. Another researcher can then contact you by clicking the link which requires them to enter contact details - name and email (phone number optional). They then type their message in the box provided and enter the verification code before submitting the enquiry.

The website also has a list of useful resources for researching convicts in the family with links to the major websites for convict research. There are also links to a selection of information sheets.

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