Monday, 11 November 2013


I have recently been working with an elderly library patron who wants to reseach part of his family tree but has minimal computer skills. As an experiment I added the information that he had into a family tree in which is a free basic family tree site associated with

This currently is a beta project so some of the functions, no doubt, will change but at present it is possible to create and view a family tree with records viewed as a family tree or pedigree format. Basic information can be added for each person and stories and images can be attached to records. The green leaf appears as a hint if there are records for the person in other family trees on Mundia, however any searching for additional information needs to be done in or other resources.

Mundia is relatively easy to use and could be a useful tool for recording family tree information. The files can be saved as GEDCOM files. GEDCOM files can also be imported. The site states that the basic services such as creating a family tree will remain free though there may be charges in the future for additional features.

Additional Note: Changes were made to Mundia in 2014 - see the following post in the blog, Genea-Musings, for an update.

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