Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rognvald of More

Jarl (earl) of More in western Norway (fl. c870) Rognvald was remembered as a close ally of king Harald Fairhair. Rognvald is generally considered to have been the founder of the earldom of Orkney. Irish sources suggest that this happened about the same time as the Danes captured York (866). Rognvald was content to remain in Norway and handed Orkney over to his brother Sigurd the Mighty who consolidated the authority of the earldom. Rognvald was killed in a dispute with king Harald's son Halfdan Halegg and was succeeded by his son Thore as jarl of More. His illegitimate son Torf-Einar later became earl of Orkney. Another of his sons was Gongu-Hrolf, who is probably to be identified with Rollo, the founder of Normandy.

Notes from Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age by John Haywood. Thames & Hudson 2000. p 159.

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