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French connections part 2

On 25 June 1308, Isabelle, the daughter of Philip IV of France married Edward II of England (1284 to 29 November 1314). He was born at Fontainebleau in France and also died there. Philip was king of France from 1285 to 1314 and of Navarre, as Philip I  from 1284 to 1305, ruling jointly with his wife, Joan I of Navarre.

On 16 June 1284 he married Joan I of Navarre (14 Jan 1273 - 2 Apr 1305). when he was 17 and she was 12.
They had four children, three sons who became successively King of France and a daughter who married the King of England.  His children were Louis X King of France (1289 - May 1316); Isabel of France (wife of Edward II) (1292 - 22 Aug 1358); Philip V King of France (1294 - 3 Jan 1322) and Charles IV King of France (1294 - 1 Feb 1328).

When Charles IV died in 1328 Philip VI, the grandson of Philip III, was named regent and was crowned King on 29 May. The other claiment to the throne was Edward III of England as his mother was the daughter of Philip IV. Tensions on a number of issues between Edward III and Philip VI developed in 1337 into the beginning of the Hundred Years War - a series of disputes/battles between the armies of France and England. Additional information on Philip VI of France can be read on Answers - Philip VI of France.

The parents of Philip IV King of France were Philip III of France (1 May 1245 to 5 October 1285) and Isabella of Aragon, daughter of James I of Aragon (1243 - 1271).

The website RoyaList Online provides a list of ancestors, decendants and family trees for French as well as British royalty. The site follows the French Royal Family from Philip IV to Robert I, Duke of France (About 865 - 15 Jun 923).

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