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Searching for family of Thomas Bruce Hutton

Thomas Bruce Hutton's father was Thomas Hutton (1807 to 1874). His mother was Mary Dundas Jardine (1805-1834). Mary died on 4 September 1834, a week after the birth of her son.

Thomas Bruce Hutton was born in India at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, on 27 August 1834.

The next reference found about him was via the Scotland census of 1851 where he is listed as living at Hallside House, a mansion in Cambuslang parish, Lanarkshire, near the left bank of the Rotten Calder, 1½ mile ESE of the town. He was listed as a scholar and the house was owned owned by the Jardine family. Others listed in the record were Isabella Jardine 35, Janet M B Jardine 11, Mary D Jardine 8, Manfred L P Jardine 6. Four other people with different surnames mentioned were probably servants.

It was normal practice for British families in India to take children born in India back to England or Scotland to be educated. The children would normally live with members of a parent's family. The next challenge was to locate a link with the the Jardine family and the Hutton family.

A search in Google was made for Hallside House Cambuslang and a photograph of the house was located at Glasgow City Library along with the information that the house had been built for Professor George Jardine (1727-1827).

A further Google search for George Jardine Glasgow University provided additional information about George Jardine and the house. The old country houses of the Glasgow gentry is an e-book on the web containing information about Hallside House and George Jardine and his family - It provides a photograph of Hallside Mansion and states that Hallside House was built for Professor George Jardine (1742-1827) of Glasgow University in 1790. Additions were made to the building in 1840.

Other information available online about George Jardine:
Biographical information at Glasgow University website -
The university holds a collection of his papers.
One of his books - Outlines of philosophical education illustrated by the method of ... by George Jardine
A search in for George Jardine born 1742 also produced an article about him in the   Dictionary of National Biography
We now also know that George Jardine died on 27 January 1827.

George Jardine married Janet Lindsay and they had a son John born in 1778.  John became Sheriff of Ross and Cromarty. He married a daughter of James Bruce, 'the famous traveller in Abyssinia' after whom their eldest son was named. John Jardine died in 1850.

James Bruce Jardine inherited the house when his father died in 1850. Later the house was inherited by his brother, George Jardine, a Glasgow merchant.

The website -  - provides the information that James Bruce Jardine married Isabella Palmes in 1838

The above research had provided information about the Jardines and Hallside House but not the link with the Huttons. A search made in Google for "Thomas Hutton" Jardine produced the following information in a newspaper index.

Hutton, Mary Dundas, wife of Thomas Hutton Esq, daughter of John Jardine Esq, Sheriff of Ross & Cromarty Inverness Journal Friday, 6 March 1835

John Jardine's daughter, Mary Dundas, had married Thomas Hutton and her death was recorded in March 1835, a year after the birth of her son Thomas Bruce Hutton.

Scottish Census 1851 shows that Thomas Bruce was living with Isabella Jardine and her family - the family of her brother, James Bruce Jardine. (The ages in the census report do not quite tally but can be checked later when a search is made of Scotland's People.)

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