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Maps of Hobart - Campbell Street

Recently I have come across a number of maps of Hobart Town either online or in books.

Campbell Street - coloured section shows location of Seven Stars
This is part of a Chart of  Sullivan's Cove. A copy of the full map was located initially in the book Old Hobart Town and environs 1802-1855 (1978) on page 78. It was originally published in Narrative of a voyage to the South Seas ... by Charles Meyett Goodridge. The first edition of this book published in 1832 contains an additional section on Goodridge's views of Hobart - Statistical view of Van Diemen's Land - after spending eight years in the colony. This book can be viewed online. The (folded) chart is after page 146.
Location of George Guest's land
LINC Tasmania has a copy of a map showing the location of George Guest's land in Campbell Street near the corner of Collins Street. A section of the map is shown above. In this map Campbell Street is referred to as Old Market Place. The full version of the map is shown below.
AF393_1_68 Map
The map, dated 1841, was map 71 in Sprents. According to Trove this collection of maps comprises the survey by Surveyor-General James Sprent of Hobart commencing on 25 February 1841 according to Book 1, p1 of his field notes. The maps include street names and the names of landholders. The map would have been drawn shortly before George Guest died. The parts of the land with buildings are identified.

These two maps confirmed the location that I suspected was where the Seven Stars once stood. Part of the confusion I had had in finding the exact location was that sometimes the Seven Stars was listed as being in Campbell Street while on other occasions the address was Old Market Place. This section of Campbell Street appears to have had both names on occasion.

Another one of Sprent's maps shows the location of the new market building.
Section of AF394_1_39 Map
This map is also located on LINC Tasmania. Notice that in this map the section of the street bordering the New Market Place and Seven Stars is referred to as Campbell Street. The full map is shown below.
AF394_1_39 Map
A search in LINC Tasmania for 'Hobart Map Sprent' produces other maps in the series.

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