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Building regulations in Hobart town - Trove

The book, Old Hobart Town and environs 1802-1855 by Carolyn R Stone and Pamela Tyson (1978) provided information on regulations for building in Hobart town, published in the Hobart Town Almanack for the Year 1830.

Below is earlier information found in Trove.

Government Public Notice.
HOBART TOWN, 23d October, 1817.
THE Public are required to take notice that no Buildings in this Township are to be erected but in a Regular Line of the streets; and in future the Plans of those Dwellings intended to be Built must be submitted to the Inspection of the Deputy Surveyor, in order that they may be in Conformity with the Regulations fixed upon by His Excellency the Governor, in Chief on that subject.

No Skillings are permitted; and those which have been Built, being in Breach of a former Order, if they be not added to, within twelve Months from this Date, will be Removed.

It is further directed that all Persons ín possession of Town Allotments do, without Loss of Time, make a Path-way, Nine Feet Wide, in front thereof; and it is also expected, that the Paling or Fence  be put up in a Decent and Regular Manner, or otherwise they will be Removed.

The Intent being that those Individuals who are allowed Town Allotments should immediately proceed to Fence them in and to Build, in any Case where no Steps for commencing these objects are taken within one Month from the Period of the Ground being given in possession by the Deputy Surveyor, he will be authorised to Revoke the Location, and to allow it to any other Person upon the regulated Term.          

It is therefore proper that no Person should make Application for a Town Allotment until quite prepared to Build; but the Deputy Surveyor is instructed to state that the Lieutenant Governor will attend to Applications for such from all well conducted Persons; their being Crown Prisoners forming no objection.      
By Command of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor  
G. W. EVANS, Deputy Surveyor General.
Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter 25 October 1817. 

Hobart Town, January 2d, 1819.
FINDING a Number of the Plots of Land remaining Vacant and Unimproved that were marked off to Individuals some Time previous to my leaving this Settlement in March last, for the Purposes of Building thereon; It is herebv notified that, unless Means are taken before I receive the Authority for similar Indulgences, other Persons will he put in Possession who have the Means of complying with the Regulations relating to Town Allotments, as stated in the Government Public Notice of the 23d of October1817.
By Command of His Honor
The Lieutenant Governor,  
G. W. EVANS, D. Surveyor General.
Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter 9 January 1819.

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