Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Historical currency values

Recently I was asked if I knew where to locate information on converting a sum of currency in the past to today's prices.

A Google search for 'historical money value comparison' provided a number of sites with currency converters to locate a comparison of money values over the years.

There is a variety of methods for calculating the comparisons of currency values over time but the websites below provide a guide, particularly for the UK and Australia.

The UK
National Archives Currency Converter  provides a calculator for comparing UK prices up to 2005.

Measuring Wealth provides five ways to calculate the relative value of the UK Pound amount from 1270 until today.

UK Inflation Calendar  provides a guide to the value of money from 1900 with prices today.

Historical Value of Money in the UK Two tables providing possible values.

How Much is it Worth provides a calculator for Australian currency from 1850 until today. It is based on the Retail Price Index produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Historical Currency Conversions The calculator allows the conversion of the buying power of US and British currency into current American dollars.

Current Value of Old Money provides a collection of tools and online resources on this topic. The data was collected by the University of Exeter.

How Much Is That? on Economic History Association website.

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