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John Tebbutt - obituary

John Tebbutt married Jane Pendergast on 8 September 1857 at St Matthew's Catholic Church, Windsor. Jane was the eldest daughter of William Pendergast and Sarah Roberts.

A large gathering assembled in St. Matthew's Church of England Windsor yesterday afternoon as a token of respect to the late Mr John Tebbutt F .R. A .S. The remains were laid to rest in the family vault in St Matthew's Cemetery. The vault was built under the late Mr Tebbutt's supervision five or six years ago. It has four corners pointing north, south, east and west , each being surmounted by a sphere of the world.
In the course of his address in the church the Rev S. G. Holding (of St Matthias' Paddington, who was formerly at Windsor) said that he was glad to pay a tribute of respect to one whom he had know as a friend for many years . The late John Tebbutt was not only a sincere friend but one of tho most eminent Australians. In generations to come the name of John Tebbutt would be spoken of as one of the greatest scientists the Commonwealth had produced. But it was not for him (Mr Fieldlng) to deal with all the late Mr Tebbutt's scientific attainments--that would be done by those best qualified for the task in Australia, in Europe and in America. The late Mr Tebbutt had a great reverence for truth whether scientific or religious. He could not stand what he deemed to be a sham or a make-believe. It was that great love of truth that caused the deceased to be mis- understood from the religious point of view. The late Mr Tebbutt never really left the Church. He had often said to him (Mr. Fielding), "The truth shall make humanity free whether it be religious or scientific and we scientists have to fight for that freedom."
In the early days said Mr Fielding, scientists had to fight for freedom to be allowed to find out the facts of life and nature in their own way. The late Mr Tebbutt was not one of those who asserted that physical science was the only means of acquiring truth.
"I believe," Mr Fielding concluded "that if the Church is to fulfil the divine mission entrusted to her by Christ, she must be open to receive every aspect, not only of Christian truth but of all truth whether scientific or religious."
The Rev. Norman Jenkyn of Windsor officiated at the graveside and an address was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Roseby. The latter after endorsing what Mr Fielding had said of the late Mr Tebbutt 's love of scientific facts referred to his kindly sympathy and help and the length to which he would go in order to help others in securing astronomical in- formation. His work said Dr Roseby, would be enduring ; Australia hardlly realised how great was the man they had just lost.
The chief mourners were; - Miss Tebbutt (daughter), Mr J.T. Tebbutt (only son), Mrs Tebbutt and family, Mr and Mrs Rodda (son-in-law and daughter) the three Misses Rodda and Master Rodda, Mr and Mrs L. Orville Brown (grandchildren), Messrs. W. G. and John Prendergast (brothers-in-law).
Amongst those who attended either at the church or at the graveside were: -Messrs Walter F. Gale F.R.A.S .(president of the New South Wales branch of the British Astronomical Association), Mr James Nangle (superintendent of Technical Educatlon) and the Rev. Dr. Roseby (representing the Royal Astronomical Society of London), Mr. W. N. Ifould (principal librarian Public Library of New South Wales), Mr H. W. Potts and Mr. W. M. Hamlet (Royal Society), Mr J.C.L. Fitzpatrlck (Minister for Mines representing the Government) , Captain A. S. Fitzpatrick, Messrs W. H. Haxby (manager of the Windsor branch of the Commercial Bank of Sydney), R. A. Neville (manager of the Windsor branch of the Bank of New South Wales), Peter Beveridge. A . J. Berckelman, Mr and Mrs R. Bruce Walker, Frank Campbell, Hilton Moses, R. H. Judd (Mayor of Windsor), Ald. Ward, R. A. Pye, A. C. Hannabus, Dr. Callaghan, Dr. Davies, the Rev J. Steel (Presbyterian Church), W. F. R
Ross, John Dick (representing Colonel Paine. who is on active service), W. H. Dean (ex- Mayor of Windsor), H. M. Pulsford, W. Turnbull, W. Lobb ex-Sergt. Boyd, ex-Sergt. Norris, Mrs Howell Price and a number of the late Mr Tebbutt's tenants. 
Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 2 December 1916

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