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George Hutton & The Troffs

We have received the following cable -
We offered to-day 1,350 bales, and sold 1,270 bales. Competition was brisk, but a little irregular. Low grade wools were quite firm, and better sorts a shade easier. Greasy crossbred sold to 9d. Willow-park crossbred and lambs, 8d. Merino, to 8½d (refused). Alice Downs crossbred, 9d. Merino, 7½d. Troffs, to 7¾d. Scoured sold well. Stawell Scouring Co , to 16¾d. Talleyrand, to 15¾d.
The Mercury (Hobart) 25 October 1893 p2

Stock Board.-At a meeting of the Forbes Pastures and Stock Protection Board, held on Wednesday last, the following gentlemen were elected as directors of the board for the ensuing year: Sheep directors, Messrs. John Martin (Dronbalgie), F. A. Edols (Burrawang), W. Hunter (Wandary), Thomas Leslie (Blink Bonnie), and W. A. Wilcox (Wongagong). Pasture directors: Geo. Hutton (The Troffs),
S. E. Close (West Billabong), and W. W. Priddle (Glenelg).
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 18 February 1893 p17
[also February 1896]
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 22 February 1896 p15

A serious accident occurred at the Troffs Station last week to a 3-year old daughter of Mr. Geo. Hutton. It appears that the little one was playing on the verandah, which is about two feet above the ground, when she fell off, fracturing the bone of her left leg just above the knee. As the accident happened in the evening the child could not be brought into town before next morning, when she was at once placed under the care of Dr. Johnson. We are pleased to state that she is progressing as favorably as possible towards recovery
Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal Saturday 23 November 1895 p2

Agricultural and Fastoral.
At Parkes Police Court on Feb. 2, Geo. Hutton, ot Troffs Station, proceeded against O'Brien Brothers, of Yarrabundie, for travelling sheep through the former's run without giving notice. The case was dismissed, on the ground that notice was unnecessary, as sheep having travelled under forty miles were not travelling stock within the meaning of the act.
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 11 Feb 1899 p15

A number of refereces to The Troffs mention the Hutton Bros as being on the property. Arthur William Hutton (1857-1930) arrived in Australia in 1874.

The past season has been a successful one, so far as the Parkes Jockey Club is concerned. At the annual general meeting, held on January 15, the balance sheet showed £56 to the club's credit. The following office-bearers were appointed: Messrs. A. S. Balcombe, J.P., Coradgery, patron; J. G. Lackey, .J.P., Nelungaloo, president; J. A. Rise, J.P., and A. Hutton, Troffs, vice-presidents. Mr. Joseph Strickland handicapper. A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Arthur Hutton for his services in connection with the club.
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 24 January 1891 p15
[The Balcombes at Coradgery were cousins]

[At Kensington on 1 February 1894]  Dumpy, owned by Mr. Hutton, won the Thirteen-two Handicap, beating Cabin Boy, which brought about a protest, which was dismissed.
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 10 Feb 1894 p37

AW Hutton was secretary of the Parkes Jockey Club in 1899 - an advertisement for a two day race carnival to be held early April including The Troffs Handicap, a race of 1 mile worth 20 sovereigns/
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 18 Feb 1899 p44

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 17 Feb 1900 p14 provided the list of men selected to serve with the Bushmen's Contingent in South Africa. Arthur William Hutton from Forbes was listed in C Squadron.

Forbes Stock Report January 13 included information that 2000 ewes on the 6th January had crossed the river travelling from Grawlin Plain to The Troffs
Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 21 January 1888 p4

A Sad Accident.- On Friday last at Nelungaloo a sad drowning fatality occurred. Mr. G. Hutton, who was proceeding to Sydney with his wife and children, broke the journey and intended staying for the night at Mr. J. G. Lackey's residence. His little boy, 4 years of age, wandered away from the house. A search was made for the little fellow who was found in a creek close at hand in about 2ft of water. He was carried to the house and every effort made to restore life, but without success. Wide spread sympathy is expressed for Mr. and Mrs. Hutton.
Australian Town and Country Journal  28 January 1893 p16

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