Friday, 28 December 2018

#52Ancestors - Week 52 - Resolution

Well the year is almost over and time to reflect on what has been achieved and start planning for next year's possible rearch projects.

Complete the2018  #52Ancestor challenge
Undertaking the #52Ancestors challenge has highlighted some of the areas where I would like to / need to do further research. But first I have eight more prompts (29 - 36) to write about that I left out when we were were overseas.

Organise my collection more effectively
A major project is to sort through the material that I have been collecting since I started researching the family history at the age of 17. Much of the material is in folders relating to families but there is also other material that I have not had time to sort properly. When I retired I was given a voucher for Archival Survival so need to order some more boxes and organise the material so it is easier to find what I want when I want to find it.

Further research
In my blog, Family Connections,  I have written posts on some of the themes that reoccur in my family history, particularly sport, music, theatre, art and writing and plan to investigate these areas further.

A major aim is to collect all the stories in my blog relating to specific families so I can start compiling histories of those families.

I need to do further research into members of my father's family, particularly members of the extended family. As many members of the Moses family lived in the Hawkesbury area articles in Trove provide a wealth of information.

Eight of my convicts lived in the Hawkesbury area so I need to do further research into what it was like living in the region in the nineteenth century.

Several years ago I did a great deal of research into the life of George Guest and Mary Bateman who moved to Hobart Town from Norfolk Island in 1805. I still need to investigate the story where George allowed the army to use a couple of buildings that he owned and they then sold off the land when he was in Sydney. Needless to say George was not pleased. I suspect that George may have also had some additional land in the Hobart area apart from his main properties at Risdon, on Macquarie Point and the Seven Stars Inn.

Several years ago I was sent information about family connections with India but have not had time to read it properly and do further research. Hopefully 2019 may be the year.

Perhaps the most important resolution for 2019 is to concentrate on working on a particular project and not become side-tracked by investigating what Thomas MacEntee refers to as Big Shiny Objects. Easier said than done!

It will be interesting to revisit this post this time next year and see what progress has been made on some of these research areas.

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  1. Wow - lots of resolutions here - good luck with all your endeavours