Saturday, 10 March 2018

Family history in strange places

A friend from primary school days has sent me a photo that she took recently of wallpaper on the wall of the public toilets at Campari House in Hardware Lane, Melbourne. The wallpaper in the photo was a page from The Argus newspaper 24 November 1956 page 3 in the Olympic Games liftout. One assumes that the newspaper has been coated or it would have disappeared long ago. The article is about the mens' 100 metres where the first three place-getters were expected to be American athletes.

Why was this image sent to me? The journalist who wrote the article was Ken Moses - my father.

NB: Checking Trove, another article by my father, published in The Argus on 26 November 1956, reported that although American sprinters came first and second in the race, Australian runner Hec Hogan won the bronze medal.


  1. What a find... and I don't think many could say that they have a link to the past in a more unusual place.

  2. I am sure that my father would have been highly amused

    1. I'm sure he would.. :-)
      I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

      Thanks, Chris