Thursday, 22 February 2018

#52Ancestors - Week 8 - Heirloom 2

This week I decided to do two posts for the prompt Heirloom.

Like many people I have a special cup and saucer so I decided to investigate its history as well.

The information on the base of the cup and saucer describes it as being Tuscan Fine English Bone China.

The cup and saucer have a delicate floral pattern, primarily yellow and green with a touch of orange - favourite colours of mine.

The saucer carries a mark in gold - C9861 with a squiggle underneath. Next to the number is a W. I therefore did a Google search for 'Tuscan C9861' which proved successful. The Etsy website has a photograph and description of a cup and saucer the same as mine.

I then searched for history of Tuscan china and discovered that it was made in North Staffordshire. The company's name was originally RH & SL Plant (Ltd) who manufactured fine porelain at the Tuscan Works, Longton, from 1898-1966. The company then became part of Wedgwood.

Checking the Maker's Mark showed that this version of the mark was first used in 1947.

The cup and saucer is representative of a time when ladies sat down to enjoy afternoon tea with friends. The best cups and saucers were used for the occasion. In the 1950s I can remember a glass fronted cabinet at home displaying the family's best china.

Although this cup and saucer is never used it will always have a special place in my collection, not only because I like it but because it also represents a time now past.

Another heirloom post


  1. Your two heirlooms are quite lovely Vicki. You have inspired me to do some research on my own china.

  2. Good luck with your research, Jenny. There is quite a bit of information online re pieces of china and their manufacturers. I plan to do further research next time I am at the State Library of Victoria. I have also reserved two books about the Wedgwood potteries from my local library which may provided a clue or two.