Saturday, 9 June 2012

Royalty connections continued

Last weekend being the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's reign I decided to follow up more of the alleged royal links in my family tree. I had been led to believe that as well as links to Scottish royalty there was a link to Edward III.

Following the Huttons, then the Lidderdales you then come to the marriage in 1708 of David Lidderdale (1675 to 1732) and Eleanor Dunbar (c1680 to 1757). Eleanor's mother was Isabella Nicholson and her grandmother was Lady Margaret Livingstone whose mother was Lady Mary Douglas. The line then continued back through three generations of the Douglas family  until Sir Archibald Douglas (died 1570) married Lady Agnes Keith. Two generations previously Robert Keith married Lady Elizabeth Douglas in 1505. In 1459 Lady Elizabeth's grandfather married  Joan Stewart the daughter of James I of Scotland and Lady Joan Beaufort. Lady Joan Beaufort's father was John de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Somerset) (c1371 to 1409). His father was John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (1340 to 1399) who was the son of King Edward III (1312 to 1377) and Philippa de Hainaut.

So Edward III and Philippa would be my great (20 times) grandparents and King James I of Scotland  and Lady Joan Beaufort would be my great (17 times) grandparents.

Having travelled back so far I decided to continue the search to see where it would lead and it proved to be quite an adventure through history.
Edward II, King of England & Isabelle de France (Daughter of Philip IV of France)
(Edward II born 25 April 1284 and died 21 September 1327)
Edward I, King of England & Eleanor de Castilla
(Edward I born 17 June 1239 and died 7 July 1307)
Henry III, King of England & Eleanor of Provence
(Henry III born 1 October 1207 and died 16 November 1272)
John I, King of England & Isabella d’Angouleme
(John I was born on 24 December 1166 and died 18 or 19 October 1216)
Henry II, King of England & Eleanor, Duchesse d’Aquitaine
(Henry II born 5 March 1133 and died 6 July 1189)
Geoffrey V Plantagenet & Adelaide known as Matilda, ‘Empress of England’ (daughter of Henry I)
(Geoffrey was born 24 August 1113 –and died 7 September 1151)
Henry I, King of England & Editha of Scotland
(Henry I was born c 1069 and died 1 December 1135)
William I the Conqueror, King of England & Matilda de Flandre
(William I was born c1028 and died 9 September 1087)
It was truly a Royal weekend of family history research.

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