Saturday, 3 December 2011

Boddingtons - 1793

Boddingtons - ship - 331 ton - launched 1781
125 male & 20 female convicts - 1 death

Charles Daley (also spelt Daly, Dayley or Daily) was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1775.  Charles was tried in Dublin in December 1791 for stealing saddles and was sentenced to seven years transportation. He was listed as being a landholder.

The Boddingtons' arrival was delayed in reaching Cork. The prisoners awaiting her arrival were therefore cooped up in another vessel for 7 weeks resulting in many sick convicts when embarked. Fortunately the ship's surgeon, Richard Kent, had restored most of them back to health before the ship sailed on 15 February 1793. There was no overcrowding on the ship and each convict had a bed.

The trip to Rio de Janeiro  took 54 days arriving on 10 April. The total journey took 173 days with the ship arriving at Port Jackson on 7 August 1793. The one convict who died during the voyage had been ill on embarkation. Only one convict was on the sicklist on arrival.

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